Another Slap to Filipinos

I am happy for this Filipina maid who inherited six million Singapore dollars (more than $4 million) from her late employer after more than 20 years of service. But I was so dismayed after reading the news not because she refused to be named but because of the reason behind that. Below is a part of a newspaper report last Wednesday…

“The maid refused to be named in public for fear of possible threats to her life in the impoverished Philippines, where wealthy people have been kidnapped for ransom and some killed by their abductors.”

It is not a secret that there are wealthy people here who are abducted and killed but it is not right to generalize. There are people here who are wealthier than she is but are living peacefully and enjoying the beauty of our country.

Okay, that is her money and her decision. Maybe we should respect that. What made my blood boil was the statement from the newspaper. Is this how this Filipina described her own motherland? Was that from her own words or from the reporter alone? Whoever that statement came from, it hurts and it is another slap to us, Filipinos.

I hope that harsh and bad impressions like this to our country will serve as an eye-opener to all the Filipinos most especially to the new government.

Source: Yahoo News
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By Rossel

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2 replies on “Another Slap to Filipinos”

Hi Rossel, I fully agree with you. That news re your country was in bad taste, and shows how little certain countries know about other countires, especially being in ASEAN as well neighbours.

But re the maid's money, I agree about being incognito, as we have seen here big lottery winners immediately having problems from relatives, even friends 'for so called loans'.
And some even went bust after a couple of years misuse of their millions.

I really appreciate you dropping by my place after long time. I'd missed you.

Sana'y maging masaya para sa'yo ang buong linggo. Laging magtabi ng await sa iyong puso. Ingat ka palagi, Lee.

How sad that our very own "kapuwa-Pinoys" couldn't even trust us, Pinoys. Could we blame them when kidnappings are really happening in our country? The question should be, "When will our "kapuwa-Pinoy" stop taking advantage of our "kapuwa-Pinoy"?

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