Are You an Addict Blogger?

How would you know if you are an addict blogger? You are an addict blogger if…

1. You are turning on the desktop or laptop as soon as you wake up.

2. Google reader or some other RSS reader is constantly open on your desktop.

3. Thinking of new topics to post at odd times like while taking a bath, using the comfort room, or having *** with your husband.

4. Dreaming about blogs most of the time.

5. You’ll check first your site and comments for moderation before tucking your kids to bed.

6. Forget to eat breakfast, eat lunch at 2P.M., dinner at 10P.M., sleep at 2A.M.

7. You can’t remember important dates like anniversaries and birthdays but you know what your technorati and google page ranks are.

8. You are bloging your every move like bad moods, bad habbits, bad meals, and every good thing as well.

9. Your rice or whatever you are cooking always get burned.

10. Or…if you are like the lady in this picture…

Now, are you an addict blogger?

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  1. waahhh..natuwa naman ako sa pix. di naman siguro addict. mina-maximize lang yong time.

  2. I am an addict but not like that one on the picture hehe.

  3. ey buti nde pa pala aq adik sa blog hehehe musta? danda ng post n2 nkkktuwa pa ang pic

  4. LOL… Number 6 ako ito mommy sometimes lunch na pla nakakalimutan ko eheheh…sabi ko na nga ba addict na ko sa blog hahaha…

  5. I am sooooooo addict lol! Have a nice week tokaya!

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  6. That's a nice post Ross. I think I still consider myself on the middle or slightly higher than that but not totally addict. I don't know but i felt happy everytime I used our computer and check my blog. Have a nice day my friend and thanks for your visits and comments. Take care.

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