Are you aware about the workings of a mortgage Company?

Who does not need a home; everyone does. And while the population of the world is on the rise every passing day, the demand for more homes, properties and spaces to run businesses is gradually increasing. This means increase in the prices of the properties as well.

A mortgage company is your companion in buying or constructing a new home. It is a lending body for money. Its working is not limited to just buying or constructing new home but it helps its customers in number of ways. It is a financial establishment that engages itself in lending loans. On the other hand, recovering of loans, installments and interests are some of the other functions that it performs. This recovery is done from the borrowers. Mortgage companies first give loans against a security for a pre-defined period to the borrower.

The working of mortgage is not limited to a single entity or body, but this function is performed by a certain institution. These are;

  1. Mortgage brokers
  2. Mortgage bankers
  3. Banks and,
  4. Direct mortgage lenders

All of them perform the same task. However their way of working or path of working may differ from each other. They are also involved in administration of real estate dealings. In addition to this, a mortgage company is always ready and interested in investing multifamily, residential and commercial loans, so that they can earn profit. The interest they charge on the principle amount is actually their profit.


Mortgage Brokers

These are middlemen in other words, and function as a bridge between the loan seeker or borrower and loan giver or originator. Whenever a loan is approved, they take the loan from the loan originator and give it to the burrower. In doing so, they also functions for the recovery of the loan in the form of installments. After the installments are complete, they give the principle amount to the loan originator and a part of the profit comes in the form of interest.

Mortgage Bankers

These have capital in their hand. They originate the loan by themselves. In that way they sell the loans to the brokers, other banks and also to public and private lenders. So if you are seeking a loan or mortgage from an institute, mortgage banks should be your preference as they have a sound back that can with stand any economical jolts.


Banks are the oldest house of mortgage. They have capital which they receive from their depositors. From those deposits, they originate the loans. Or in another way, these banks make a pool of mortgage loans and sell it to different lending companies. This form of Mortgage Company is the safest of all. These are also in compliance with the guidelines set by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Other advantages include low commission and fees. In addition to this, there is a least Closing Cost associated with this type of Mortgage Company.

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