Attractive Home Décor Updates

Even the most professionally decorated home can begin to look dated if nothing ever changes – home décor needs to be refreshed on a regular basis, especially if you have a family. As the children grow their tastes change and the décor needs to change as well. The fairy princess bedroom that was just right for a five year old might now call for camo print bedding and comfortable floor pillows designed to accommodate a thirteen year old who prefers to lounge and hang out in her room with friends.

The family bathroom sees a lot more use as kids grow up and become more focused on grooming. Over time the shower may begin to leak or fail – new shower head kits and handheld shower heads are the sort of easy updates which both improve the bath and shower experience and prolong the life of the shower. Most handheld shower heads can be easily installed without the help of a plumber; they make it easy to shampoo hair bathe pets, water plants and clean the shower enclosure plus they are great for targeted water massages.

Another easy bathroom update that will be appreciated by every family member is the simple switch from a conventional shower curtain rod to a curved shower curtain rod. This helps to create more elbow room in the shower and to reduce the possibility of the shower curtain sucking into the tub while bathing. Add a teak shower bench and bath mat; teak is naturally water resistant and adds a spa-like element to any bathroom.

By adding bathroom wall mirrors you can make even a small bath or powder room seem larger than it really is plus they are helpful for grooming. With more mirrors you can easily see yourself from all sides and put your best foot forward.

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