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Girls Talk theme for this month is “Firsts” (first crush, date, kiss and boyfriend). Well, I don’t know if hubby will like this theme. I guess he won’t, lol!

I was MIA for a month I think in all the memes I have joined. Got so busy this holiday season. But I am back now (for the nth time) and hoping I can post my entries every week.

My first crush is not my first date. My first crush is Joseph Nohay. I was thirteen then, first year highschool. He’s my classmate and I was head over heels dead with him. He’s so cute (my opinion), with mole on his nose that made him more appealing to me. But sad to say, I am not his type, ehehe! I saw him two years ago on our high school batch reunion. He’s not that cute anymore (my opinion again). He is now a councilor in my hometown and my friend in Friendster and Facebook so he will read this on Networked Blogs for sure.

My first date is my first boyfriend. He is Dennis Biscocho. Also a highschool classmate. I was fifteen, third year highschool, when I answered him yes but seventeen when we had out first date. I was so conservative that it took two years before we had our first date. We dined out in Batangas City (I can’t recall what restaurant or food chain), then watched Sylvester Stallone’s movie “Cliffhanger”. I won’t forget the movie because that’s the first movie I watched with somebody else and not with my parents. He is now based in Saipan, with 5 kids. Also my friend in Friendster. Haven’t seen him in person for seventeen years.

Two in one post again for me to catch up. First kiss? You have to wait until next week.

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  1. wow its really nice to be friends with exes.. ako din may mga ka-FB akong ex lol..

    happy weekends

    here's my share on gt
    summer love

  2. Wow, sis I admire you for putting his full name. Me, I really can't although if they read it they'll know it's them because my entries are too detailed. hahaha
    My two entries are scattered in my two blogs.

    Happy Thoughts
    Paula's Place

  3. congrats girl!!! alam mo you are so brave to share the names, kahit alam mong kafriendster at FB mo sila 🙂 omg di ko kaya powers mo..

    waaah pinakamatapang ka na 🙂 whahhaa

    thanks for joining GT ha.. am so glad to see you around heheh kamiss entries mo last month ha.. but i understand, sino ba di naging busy pag christmas season 😀

    see you next week… naku natatakot na ko now pa lang waaaaaaaaaaah hahah

    Niko's Blog
    Yena's World
    Lover's Mushroom
    Girls Rule
    Trendy and Heartily Yours

  4. kaya naman pala di ka malimutan ni dennis dahil sa tagal mong sumagot for a date, memorable sa kanya yon..siguro sayo na rin pala..ganda ng girls talk nyo ah, nailalabas yung mga dati pang karanasan sa buhay lalo na yung lovelife…

  5. hehehe, nakakatuwa naman alalahanin mga firsts natin. AKo din, I experienced being head over heels in love sa classmate ko! pero di ako type niya e. 🙂

    sobrang conservative naman un after two years?! ambait nman ni first BF to wait that long! 🙂

  6. i applaud you girl for this post! wait, batangas city? san theater don? ahihi

  7. naks! at least he waited for you di ba? says a lot about his character. good catch! 🙂

    Btw, mine's here.

  8. wow! 2 years pa..hehehe..Dennis Biscocho seems to be a familiar name… hmmm.. talagang humabol k te ah for the to wait the next topic to peak out..happy GT..ciao!

  9. feRry'z WILL says:

    Really conservative. Two years!!!
    hehehe.. You've experienced many FIRSTS with Mr. Dennis.. hehehe

  10. it's nice that the guy is so patient waiting for you to say yes in a date.
    Please visit mine also. thanks

  11. yay nakaka intense naman talaga ang topic naun wahhh mine is up.thanks.

  12. Whoa! Two years before the first date? Ang tagal din nun. I bet he was super happy when you finally agreed to go out on a date with him.Ü I have my entry here.?.?.?

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