Barbie Learn with Me Letter Book

RJ received this Barbie Learn with Me Letter Book from my SIL who is also her godmother as Christmas gift four years ago. I was glad because she was eyeing this letter book the store but we can’t afford to buy it at that time.

It’s an electronic spelling tablet that recognizes what you spell. Just touch the letter keys to learn and practice spelling. The spelled words appear on the screen. It will prompt you if you misspelled the words and would say “great” or “that’s right” if you spelled the words correctly. Until now this letter book  is  working and still as good as new…a great educational toy for your toddlers and preschoolers.

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  1. yay, absent ako ng pink Friday.. sana this this Friday makajoin ako… wow so nice naman hanggang ngayon tinatago-tago pa rin .. was here mommy sel.

  2. naku, I’m sure my daughter wouldn’t stop bugging me to get her one like that. check ko nga…magkano yan, sis? hehe

  3. cheerful says:

    that’s nice, thanks for the info…maybe if i can afford it, i should get one for my little girl! wishing you a great weekend! -PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…

  4. These are the kind of toys that are useful and very helpful to a kid whether of schooling or pre schooling age. It’s great that your SIL gifted RJ with that. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. that’s a neat present!

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  6. Nice Barbie stuff … girly and educational …
    My daughter loves Barbie too

    Here’s my share of PINK

  7. dorry lyn says:

    best gift for kids.. hope there’s color blue of that for my lil man
    Happy PF

    my entry is here –

  8. That’s cute maybe i should look for one, happy pf!

  9. magkano kaya yan mommy?

  10. that will help me a lot! very cute barbie.

  11. cute…ang ganda…Happy PF

  12. So pretty Tita and Ate RJ!

    Would you please come and see my PINK, thank you!

  13. pretty and educational gift for children..:)

    Here’s My Pink Friday

  14. tx sweetie says:

    wow that’s cute and so pink eh! lucky her to receive such fabulous gift from Ninang.

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  15. this is nice! would like something like that for dindin. around how much is this mommy? i haven;t seen it here.

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  16. cute; wished i have that toy when i was little 🙂

  17. Nice things to have. very cute and girly.

  18. wow that is so good gift..she can learn also while playing…very good..

    Mine is up too..

  19. I’d love to have one too. I’m helping out a friend with my entry, hope you can drop by. Thanks!

  20. such a cutie thing to have for a learning kid. She is one lucky girl for having a generous tita. 😉

    Happy PF!

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