Beautiful Bats

Would you believe that I haven’t seen bats as many as these in real life? I remember seeing a flying bat when I was a child and was so afraid. I believed then that bat is one of the wide ranges of vampire’s appearance. Maybe if I saw these bats then, I would die of fear. Lol! Of course as I get older, I learned that vampires are just mythological or folkloric beings but I also learned that there are real vampire bats whose food source is blood.

The bats in pictures above are Megabats (taken by hubby when he went to Bacolod) that primarily eat fruits or nectar so nothing to worry about. Bats may look scary because of their appearance but for me they are just like other animals that are just beautiful.

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  1. galing! fruit bats siguro itong mga ito. masarap yan! hehe
    thanks for joining JB, sis! 🙂

  2. Lovely! 🙂

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  3. You saw those bats in broad daylight? wow. I remembered to see bats before but not as many either

  4. Grabeh naman dami ng bats na yan, so creepy looking! lol!

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  5. just beautiful photos…hha ako rin noon..i thought there are real vampires pero i didn’t know na meron palang vampire bats…thnks for info sis

    visit here from JB ….and i am a new follower

  6. Bats are the most misunderstood creatures of God. So many negative and morbid articles about them has been romanticized. But bats are so useful to men. They supply the best source of fertilizer (guano) in the world and they also help in the pollination of fruit flowers. There are actual vampire bats in South America but they suck only blood of animals and never men. Thanks for the informative post. God bless you all always.

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