Benefits of Online Timesheet Management for Businesses

Advancements in technology have enabled software developers to create programs that businesses can use to streamline processes making them more efficient and effective. One such software is the online timesheet management system that tracks business processes from attendance to productivity. This software has a multitude of benefits that can improve business processes.

online timesheet management

Convenience. Gone are the days when HR personnel would tackle piles of documents and go through hundreds of time cards just to check employee attendance. They don’t even have to deal with the tedious process of creating spreadsheets and tallying work hours. With online time management systems, employees can easily log in and out, even remotely. This makes it convenient for businesses to keep track of work hours and absences.

Flexible Monitoring. Different employees have different levels of accountability. An online time management system enables businesses to adjust the level of visibility for each employee. Employees may be required to just simply log in and out, provide screen captures, or submit custom reports.

Ease of Reporting. With an online time management system, reports can be created with great ease. The software can be used to compute for work hours, absence rates, overtime rates, and even track budget spend. Creating absenteeism reports, employee utilisation reports, project budget over time reports, and employee project matrix reports can be done promptly.

Track Productivity. More than just tracking attendance, a time management system allows businesses to track employee productivity. Employees can be required to note their progress in the project they are working on. This makes it easier to assess business productivity and even facilitate accurate billing of clients.

With an understanding of how beneficial online timesheet management systems are for your business, your next step is to find a reliable software provider that would meet your requirements. Timesheet Portal provides businesses with software that is easy to use and is flexible enough to suit your business needs. Since it was launched in January 2009, it has continued to grow and is now the software provider of over 250 companies across the globe. With such a software, you can do away with your paper-based system and make your business processes more efficient.

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