Best Christmas Gift from Hubby

Hubby’s gift is the best gift that I received last Christmas. It’s more precious than jewelries and more beautiful than any material things. It’s a bible.


Hubby knows that I am attending bible study every Thursday that’s why he gave me a bible in Tagalog version. I can’t remember when was the last time I read the bible. I have learned but have forgotten. Now, that I regained my spirituality, the thing is to keep on track. Have a devotion, read the bible everyday and get in touch with the hearts and souls of others.

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  1. That would be the sweetest gift of all from someone special. I would love to read scriptures and study the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m not regularly reading the scriptures as everyday but at least in a week I could 2-3 times with several chapters. I love Jesus Christ and His teachings. It brings so much changes in my life.

  2. How sweet naman ni Ronnel. Carry on Bes.

  3. Best gift indeed! 🙂

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