Black and White Photos

I love black and white pictures. They remind me of those photos from the past. The good thing is you can now restore old photos and take out those blemishes through photo restoration. You can even give them new life by adding some colors and have good quality hard copies using laser printers.

But I still prefer the black and white. Color does add to a photo but black and white can tell just as much about a photo. That is why when I see these pictures of this model, she’s my cousin by the way, the first thing that crossed my mind is to post and brag about it.

black and white

The black and white effect is perfect for her cat-imitating make-up. The model is so chic. Well, she’s not a professional model but she has the potential. Isn’t she? See how she emotes and smiles? Her poses are just as chic as the black and white effect.

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  1. jhanna krizza says:

    i LOVE it ! 🙂 thanks ate.

  2. Very beautiful girl! And lovely monochrome photography!

  3. chic photos girl:) hope you can drop by mine too..see yah!

  4. Pics in B&W are classic…

    Mine is up too

  5. i love bw photos! they are so dramatic. while in the past, people wanted colored, now those who live in the new world want b/w photos coz they look aged. hahaha ano ba talaga? but i love them, and yeah, pretty cool poses! 😀

  6. She’s very pretty tokaya!

  7. ganda naman ng b and w na entry mo 🙂 Sel.

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