Bloggers to be Charged for Sharing Their Thoughts

I learned this bad news just this morning. It is being talked about on Facebook. But only the bloggers and their families will be affected.

It was in the news that “the city of Philadelphia is demanding that bloggers pay $300 for the privilege of writing on the internet, even the ones that make no money off their words.” One of the bloggers said that they are planning to have it here in the Philippines too. According to her, there was a resolution that a blogger needs to pay P6,000 ($130) per year as a license to blog per blog. It is like being charged for sharing your thoughts, though this has to be verified yet.

What if there is really a resolution like that? The next thing to do is to implement it, right? For a blogger who has four blogsites this means P24,000 ($530). That is quite a big amount of money that can be spent over some household needs. Bloggers are not earning millions. To some, blogging is just a hobby, and to others it is just a sideline to make ends meet because it is really hard to look for a decent job here. Why not hunt those big tax evader businessmen instead of taxing the bloggers? Taxing the bloggers is absurd. This is one way of suppressing their freedom of expressions. It is just like asking the bloggers to “pay up or shut up”.

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  3. Toemailer says:

    That is completely crazy! It makes no sense but there are people who would like to change Freedom Of Speech to mean "only those that agree with me".

  4. There goes our rights. Ridiculous! I pray that this will not push through.

  5. Ngak! Mali pala ako ng basa, I thought the Pinoy blogger is the one who proposes the resolution. Nirelay lang pala ni mommy blogger yung bad news if ever, baka magalit sa akin si sis. sowi. ayan kakamadali sa pag-comment tuloy. peace po!

    sana naman hindi mag-push through yun ano sis. wala na ba sila mapagkukunan ng tax?

    thanks pala sa visit, comment, at follow sis.

    Happy weekend sa iyo, kay RJ at sa hubby mo. long weekend tayo ngayon. 🙂

  6. Is this true sis? And who's the Pinoy blogger who wants the same tax system implemented in the Philippines? He or she must be earning millions from his blogs right? Para na rin tayong ginisa sa sarili nating mantika. Naman!

  7. ouch, where is freedom in here? i think this is a really stupid idea.

  8. subscription confirmed sis =)

  9. aw! thats awful! bakit nmn gnun? eh ang kinikita nga ntin is wala pa minsan gnung kalaki? ang nagbabayad n nga tyu ng hosting and domain? hay yay yay! nweis sana nde ma implement dhil pag nagkataon sa facebook nlng ako magblog =)) or pag may bayad p dn dun balik notebook nlng or diary tyu! =))

  10. ??Shydub?? says:

    Sana wag naman mangyari. grabe pati ba naman personal virtual diary pinapatulan na. Buti nlng im not in philly, and i hope this won't happen sa pinas. kakarampot nlng yata kinikita online nanghihingi pa ng tong waaaa

  11. it's absurd, who really owns the internet, isn't it enough that we're paying for the connection? silly whoever thought of that.

  12. oh no! i hope that this doesn't push through 🙁

  13. what?! “pay up or shut up”.<- exactly and not a good news for us.. 🙁 too bad to hear this, but I do hope it won't be implemented here.

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