When Business Meets Pleasure: Networking for Business Growth

You cannot keep yourself locked up in your office poring over your company’s performance figures and mulling over how to improve your business strategies. Business involves interaction and socialization. The most successful businessmen do a lot of networking for business growth. They’re not slacking off or splurging some of the company’s resources on senseless chit-chat. They’re actually getting more done for the company when they build their network.

business man in bar
Some businessmen would consider going out
for drinks before heading home as a way of
networking for business growth.

Get out of the office and spend some time with your colleagues and contacts in the industry. Business lunches are more productive when you spend it with people who can help you solve your most challenging business problems or let you in on the next new thing that’s about to hit the market. You’re likely to get more information when you’ve established a closer relationship with your peers and business contacts. Aside from these informal gatherings, some businessmen would consider going out for drinks before heading home as a way of networking for business growth.

It’s time to take off that suit and put on your athletic gear. Spending time with other businessmen in sports activities will give you quality time to spend having fun and exchanging notes about what’s going on in the industry or what the latest buzz is in the world of business. There’s a personal side to this kind of networking as you often share more than just “official” news and tidbits. Oftentimes, you get to talk about family and friends too. If you are not ready to do this, don’t worry. You really do not have to talk about anything you are not ready to talk about.

Another way of networking for business growth is to join associations and organizations that focus on sharing best practices and cascading information about new developments in the industry you belong to. These professional organizations usually have regular meetings as well as conventions and conferences. Speakers from the industry are often invited to these professional gatherings. Round table discussions, meet and greet sessions, and open forums are venues for participants to interact with the experts and ask for advice about their specific concerns.

No matter which type of networking for business growth you choose, you stand to gain a lot from getting out of your office from time to time. Interacting with the people from your own company, as a start, could already offer you a lot of new ideas from different perspectives.

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