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Business Signage As a Marketing Tool

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For those who own their own businesses, as well as those who are planning on starting a business, it is of great importance to understand the importance of signage. With a great sign, businesses are able to stand out against their competitors, which in turn leads to customer trust and an increase in profit levels. Surveys have concluded that customers prefer to buy products and services from companies that they know of, making it all the more important to use signage as a way to create brand recall.

Purpose of Signage

Signage is meant to act as a silent form of a salesperson. It should be placed on the exterior of a business, preferably in more than one place. In addition, interior signage can be used to help consumers locate certain services and merchandise; however, exterior signage tends to be of greater value. Signage should be viewed as one of the most important links between a company and its customers.

Types of Signage

There are many types of signage. From those that are mounted on the ground to those on billboards to those mounted on the sides of buildings, when a company chooses to use signage as a marketing tool, there are endless options. One of the more common types of signage used today is known as digital signage. No matter the type of signage used, the important thing is to place it in a place where there is high traffic.

What to Include

When a company has signage created, it needs to remember to include its logo, business name, hours of operation and contact information. A professional signage company, such as the one found at, can help businesses make sure their signage is effective and that it includes all the important elements.


Signage isn’t as expensive as most businesses think, especially when compared to other forms of marketing, such as TV ads. Generally, the bigger the sign, the more costly it will be. For businesses on a small budget, small signage placed in the right places can still result in a high ROI.

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