Can’t Get Enough of Dozy

I have bragged about Dozy last March but now that GT girls are talking about their gadgets to die for, then I would love to brag again about it. By the way, Dozy is my latest netbook. It’s an Asus 1215T 12inch netbook powered by an AMD V105 1.2Ghz. processor.

I acquired it last Month and will be paying for it a dozen months at zero interest thus, the name Dozy. It may not be the best gadget/ netbook there is but with its very affordable prize and the following specifications, it is indeed a great find.

Operating System- Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
Display- 12.1? LED backlit WXGA+ (1440×900) Screen
CPU- AMD V105 (Single Core; 1.2GHz) Processor
Chipset- RS880M/SB710M (with embedded graphic HD4250)
Memory- DDR3, 2 x SO-DIMM, 2GB
Storage- 2.5? SATA 250GB/320GB HDD
Wireless Data Network- WLAN 802.11 b/g/n@2.4GHz
Bluetooth V3.0 + HS(Optional)
Camera- 0.3 M Pixel Camera
Audio- Hi-Definition Audio CODEC
Interface- 1 x VGA Connector
3 x USB 2.0
1 x LAN RJ-45
1 x HDMI
2 x Audio Jack (Headphone/Mic-In)
1 x Card Reader : SD/ SDHC/ MMC
Dimensions – 29.6 x 20.3 x 3.8 cm (WxDxH)
Weight- 1.45 Kgs (w/ 6cell battery)

It is with me wherever I go because it’s so handy. It does most of the tasks for me that is why I purchased an external keyboard and mouse so it won’t get exhausted easily. I am afraid that it might not meet my three-year service expectation and would leave me earlier if I do so. And oh, have I mentioned that it’s so sexy with its glossy red color? I can’t get enough of Dozy. I love it very much!

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  1. if it brings in money from blogging, then who in her right mind wouldn’t love it? hehehe. love the color! ngayon ko pa lng nakita ito, sign na di na ako nagbablog hop this past couple of months 🙁

  2. I also always carry around my netbook, its handy and lightweight.. 🙂

    Your netbook is cute that is something to brag about.

  3. haha kaya pala dozy as in dozen, cute.. 😀

  4. wow! that really is SOMETHING TO BRAG ABOUT.. happy for you, girl!

    mine’s HERE by the way..

  5. That a pretty netbook. I like the color…

  6. Great lappy! 🙂 Though I’m more into high spec-ed ones which is why I can’t afford to buy one for now. 😉

  7. my eyes got bigger upon seeing HDMI! cool!

    Come and see my dream gadget. Never hesitate to drop by my STREET.

    Happy GT!

  8. hmmm, looks like the specs’ great for ur blogging needs. woohoo!
    the red vcolor reminds of my daughter’s red fujitsu netbook, too.

  9. shengkay says:

    naks naman! congrats sa new baby mo..! love to have one..pero can’t afford pa si ako..ipon ipon muna..

  10. that does look chic! I wouldn’t mind having one for myself 🙂

  11. juliette says:

    Hi rossel,
    I am also not a techie person but I love gadgets, apart from my 17inch HP laptop that I used daily in my office (if he can only speak that he is very exhausted already hahaha), I have my Ipad, HTC mini laptop/mobile powered by Windows … Theyre my boys who makes my life easy and happy everyday :))) see link for pics

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