Careful Parenting

The Girl Scout uniform we bought for RJ last year doesn’t fit her anymore so we had to buy a new one. I can’t believe how big she has grown in less than a year. Not only that, she is now more active and more adventurous. She was so happy when she heard they are going to have a tree planting activity and camping before the year ends.

Girl Scout

Last year when she asked me if she can join the Girl Scout I was hesitant to allow her. She hasn’t been away from us for more than a day and just thinking of her sleeping overnight on a campsite without us makes me worried. But then I realized she will grow as a person from her would be outdoor experiences and her bond with other kids outside their school wall. Besides, spending time outdoors is one of the best things a young person can do. Oh hell yeah, I know because I was once a Girl Scout. So why would I deprive my daughter from the same experience I did enjoy a lot?

So now after the new uniform, it seems like we need to buy a tent so I am browsing at Big Agnes tents. I would be more at peace if I know she is safe and away from mosquito bites even she is out there somewhere. No, I am not being overly protective. I’d rather call it careful parenting and I think all Moms feel this way.

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