Cars for Girls and Dolls for Boys

What?! A toy car for our girl’s 9th birthday? You read it right. It will be RJ’s birthday in two weeks time and she is asking for a remote controlled car. While our kids are growing up too fast, it seems like their wants and interests change too. From doll house and Barbie, now RJ wants remote controlled car for her birthday gift. RJ knows exactly which toys are for girls and which toys are for boys that is why I was surprised a bit that she asked for a toy car this time. It started when she saw her cousin’s remote controlled cars and airplane. At first I do not want the idea of her having a toy car but I remember my sister and I once played with cars too when we were kids but still we grew up very lady-like. My brothers played with dolls too (with me and my sister) but grew up so manly. So now, this spoiler Mom is looking for cheap rc cars for RJ.

Don’t be afraid to let your kids play with toys designed for the opposite gender. It isn’t going to hurt our kids but most likely help them. These toys will open a new world for them and could help to further stretch their minds and imagination. Cars for girls and dolls for boys? Why not? As long as long as there is balance then you have nothing to worry about.

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2 thoughts on “Cars for Girls and Dolls for Boys

  1. The title was very intriguing that I have to take a second look if what I read was right. RJ wants a remote controlled car. I think the thrill of running a car via remote control transcends genders in kids. Who would not want to race a car against other cars via remote control? Any boy or girl would love that. But boys playing barbie dolls? Nah, I’m not prepared for that, hehehe. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Oo nga naman. It’s really fun kaya to drive a remote controlled car. Kinagawa ko nga din yan, hahaha… kaya go RJ! You deserve some fun and excitement for your birthday. Happy Birthday n advance! And thank you sis for following my new blog. Just followed you back. 🙂

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