Roses for My Birthday

I cannot remember when the last time hubby gave me flowers. While most men know that majority of women love receiving flowers, hubby is different. He is loving and romantic but he is not fond of giving flowers. I think I only received flowers from him once since we met 14 years ago. He likes it more to surprise me with the things that he thinks I love the most like overnight on a resort, short vacation or those things that I am dreaming to have.

What hubby does not know is, just like any other women, receiving flowers makes a positive difference in my day, roses in particular. Just a bunch or roses would crack a grin on my lips and would make me sing my favorite song the whole day. It short, it would make my day complete.

The flowers that each woman wants to receive depend on the woman herself. Some love daisies, some like tulips, but for me rose is the perfect flower that symbolizes love and affection and it does not matter if it is red, white, or pink. I find roses, soft, delicate and sweet. And now that my birthday is just around the corner, I would love to have a bouquet of roses from hubby. I would love it more if it will be delivered in a surprise.

So for men out there, if you want to make your girlfriend, wife or mother happy most especially on special occasions, send flowers to their homes or offices. It does not matter if it is expensive or not. The fact that you took the effort to send them flowers as reminder of your love is enough for them to giggle like a child. You can couple it with huggable stuffed toy or chocolate for a more dramatic surprise.

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My Forty Wonderful Years

When a blogger friend tagged me to post seven things about me, many got curious on my answer in number one which was “I will begin my life on June this year”. My friends commented and asked what is it with June? To answer that question, I will be turning 40 this June and as they say “life begins at 40. It will mark the important milestones in my life so I deserve a great party with my loved ones and wonderful gifts. Perhaps a Black Diamond Jewelry from hubby. Lol!

Seriously, I am very thankful for the 40 wonderful years. I have met different people along the way and learned a lot from them. I may not be wealthy but I gained true friends and they are my treasure together with my loving family. With passing time and growing age, my responsibilities had grown yet I have this sense of freedom again.

Yes, I will be 40 but I do not feel like one. Well, aging is all in the mind. We are only as old as the person we feel and I feel like I am just half my age.

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Promotional Shirts as Corporate Gifts

Time really flies so fast and in just a few months, it will be Christmas again. Yes, the nerve wrecking gift shopping will be here soon and for the big companies, it is a mind-twisting idea for the corporate gifts to be given away.

What could be the best corporate gifts? When choosing your corporate gifts, you can turn on different promotional items. Promotional items are not only used when holding a campaign but also to spice up different occasions. There are different new innovative and interesting promotional merchandise to choose from but the best sellers are those that can be useful to the persons receiving it like the promotional clothing and garments. Aprons, handkerchiefs, vest, jacket, etc., are very useful so it is practical to give them as gifts. They can also be customized, screen printed or embroidered.

But if I am to ask, I will stick with the same old item, the promotional shirts. Based on my personal experience, you can never go wrong with this one. My husband is receiving different promotional shirts from different companies every year and he is using it as his everyday shirt. It is like promoting your product almost everyday in different places. Of course the price of t-shirts varies from its design and style but if you will order in bulk, you can get it in a lot lower price.

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Great Gifts

When my husband and I found out that I am pregnant, we were so excited that the first thing we bought is our baby’s memory book. There we filed my pregnancy test and ultrasound result and all of her pictures from the day she was born to her 6th birthday. She’ll be celebrating her 7th birthday on July and the pictures will be added on her keepsake book. Baby memory book is a good gift. We always give memory books on baby showers. Posy Lane has a great series of keepsake and memory books. They have lots of gift items too like the draw string laundry bag with shoulder straps created from Mint’s signature fabric and with colorful designs. Personalized kids backpack are available too, designed for children as young as four and up to teens. Like the laundry bag, the kids’ backpack is also made from Mint’s signature fabric and with colorful designs. Visit Posy Lane for great gift ideas. 


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Monogrammed Coffee Sleeves (wrap-a-latte)

I am a coffee lover. There is something in coffee that makes me ask for more. I can consume 3 to four cups in a day. Whenever I am blogging, reading or watching TV, beside me is a cup of hot coffee. Every time we go to the mall and I see coffee dispensers, oh my, I can’t help myself from getting a cup. The hotter the coffee is, the better.

The good news is I got these 2 coffee sleeves for me and my husband. Coffee sleeve is used to wrap the cup of coffee so you can enjoy hot coffee without hurting your hand because it is thermally insulated. These 100% made in USA monogrammed coffee sleeves are available in Posy Lane. These are reusable and fit most 12, 16 and 20 oz coffee cups. Different swatches of coffee sleeves are available for specific example pattern. You can order in volume and select the right monogrammed coffee sleeves for corporate giveaways or for your personal use. Enjoy the hot drink while making a fashion and environmental statement about yourself. This is a good gift this Mother’s Day.

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