Smartbro’s Service is Improving

It is time to say something nice about Smartbro, our internet provider. Our download speed is ranging from 110kbps-170kbps on peak hours and reaches 300+kbps on early mornings and late evenings for two weeks now. Still slow compared to its maximum speed of 1mbps but a lot more faster than our download speed before which was 30kbps-80kbps during peak hours.
Screenshot from at 9:40 today, download speed is 160kbps.
Screenshot taken a month ago at 9:55a.m., download speed of 50kbps.

My husband is monitoring the speed of Smartbro and documenting it so he can have concrete proof and basis for his complaints. He is quite impressed (but still not satisfied) with Smartbro’s service. Maybe the Smartbro upgraded their base stations because aside from the improved speed, we seldom experience intermittent connections for weeks. I hope Smartbro will continue to upgrade and improve their service. It is a giant company anyway and has millions of subscribers.
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Smartbro’s Poor Service

What the hell is wrong with Smartbro? We just got our internet connection back late afternoon yesterday. I got my page rank 3 and that means many opportunities. A day without internet is losing opportunities. We are losing our internet connection every time it is raining. The problem is, we have no choice but to stick with Smartbro and its poor service. We’re planning on subscribing to other internet providers. We researched for other internet connections with good service and we’re so unlucky to find none. Digitel is known for its snail connection that is why some call it Digihell. Globe has weak signal in our area. Only Smartbro has good signals but it is losing its connection every time there is typhoon. I want to screeaaam!!!

Smartbro’s signal is like a mushroom popping in and out. This is happening for the nth time. If I am going to compute the hours and days without internet connection, it will sum up to 1 month. Smartbro said we can get rebates but when we received the billing, its the same amount that we have to pay. Liar! Grrr! That is why we are not updating our payment because they do not deserve an updated payment.

My husband always calls them and the agents have the same reasons, repair on the base station where we are connected. How many times do they need to repair that base station? Hubby asked for a transfer to other base station for a month now. The agent said it is the management’s decision to approve or disapprove our request. They just filed our request form. What else is the reason needed for our request to be approved?

Smartbro is one of the biggest telecommunications companies. They are spending millions on advertisements and promotions of their products, yet, their service sucks. I think they should fix their base stations for good. They should focus also on improving their service and giving priority to their customers satisfactions.

I am sorry guys. I have to release this or else I will explode. Sorry for not visiting your sites again. I was just renting on internet cafe for the past days and had limited time.

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I Am Back

I am back (again). We finally got our internet connection back after 2 weeks. Haaay, I missed blogging, blog hopping and joining the weekly memes. I can blog hop now and visit your posts guys.

I can’t live without internet. This is where I work, communicate with friends abroad and it is also my past time. So to meet my needs, I rented at net cafe these past days. It was hard living without internet. It was like we were back to stone age.

Everything is back to normal here in Eastern Luzon after typhoon Ondoy except of course for the prices of the goods especially vegetables which are now 5 times higher. And soon, the prices of rice will increase because typhoon Pepeng hit the Northern part of Luzon where rice fields and vegetables plantation are. The crops were badly damaged.

But then, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. What we need to do now is work hard and stand again. So here I am, blogging and blog hopping. To those who visited my sites regularly, thank you very much. I will visit your sites tomorrow.
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Smartbro’s Problem

When we woke up last Saturday morning, we had no internet connection again. The three of us, Rhonnel, RJ and I, were forced to go to an internet shop to check emails, product opps, and Facebook. RJ played Yoville, one of Facebook applications. We just got back our internet connection yesterday afternoon. Haaay, can’t really live now without the internet.

Smartbro said to expect on and off connection because there were fiber cuts from Singapore to Japan and from Malaysia to Taiwan. Very technical for me. I don’t know what it has to do with us. Don’t know either how long it will last. Well, we have no choice, have we?

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Looking for a Better Internet Connection

I was free yesterday so I was able to blog hop to just only few sites because our internet connection was interrupted and we had no connection until late afternoon. This is happening for about a week now. I don’t know what’s the problem with Smartbro. We are planning to shift to other internet provider but we’re not sure of their services. It’s hard to decide and take chances because these companies have 2 to 3 years lock-in period. Can you help and tell us which is the best among the Smartbro, Globe and Digitel? Well, our internet connection is ok again and I am free today so I can visit your site guys as promised. Have a great weekend everyone!
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