Cheaters Never Win

RJs final exam started yesterday. I am proud that she did great on the first day. As I have mentioned on my previous post, it is somehow become a tradition for me to make her reviewer days before the exam week. It is not just to make everything easier for her but to instill good study habits as well.

Yesterday she brought her reviewers with her in school because the teachers give them few minutes to review before the test. She was reviewing in English Communication Arts when one of her classmates, a girl, approached her. She told RJ that it is not the test. How could that be? I made the reviewers out of the pointers given by their teachers. Of course it is not the same as the test exactly, if she meant by that. Who would know how the test paper exactly looks like unless she has a copy of it? Oh yeah, the girl was bragging that she has a copy of the test in English Communication Arts.

It is sad to know that there are adults who are teaching children that cheating is a fact of school life. Don’t they know that by tolerating, cheating can become a habit until the child gets old? Now I understand why while my daughter was studying, the girl was just playing and not reviewing the past weekend. Why should she? She can get high points anyway because she BS her way through it. Poor girl, she doesn’t know that she is not really earning good grades. Can someone teach her to do it fair and square and help her realize that cheaters never win and winners never cheat?

Parents must set as good examples. How can you teach your children to be honest if you are feeding them the answers to the tests and tolerating them to cheat? Remember that your children look up to you as their role model and they are taking note of your every action.


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Instilling Good Study Habits

It seems like just yesterday when RJ graduated from preparatory school.

Now, she is on the 3rd grade that will be over soon in a week. It’s their finals next week and I am busy making her reviewers to make everything easier for her and of course to instill her good study habits. I do not want RJ to find her self cramming for each test that is why I am making reviewers for each subject days before the exam. I even make trial exams by redoing her past quizzes and tests and let her answer them. By doing so, I can easily assess what topics she finds hard to understand or what subjects are difficult for her.

During the exam week, I do not allow her to play outside so she can concentrate more on the review but I give her break in between if she is going to study for a long time. I let her study in the bedroom with the air condition on to make it more conducive. And if I notice that she is a little sleepy, I let her take a nap and allow her to get enough sleep at night so she will be refreshed and ready for the exams the next day.

The ability of our children to absorb what is being taught to them varies. But either fast learner or slow learner needs our guidance to help them absorb information easily. It minimizes the stress during the exam and maximizes productivity and results. It also helps in instilling good study habits that our children can apply when they are big enough to review on their own.

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Childhood Seems to End Too Soon

I love these pictures so much. Watching her while she’s on the swing made me wonder how big she had grown. It seems like yesterday when she was born and now she will be on her tweens in a couple of years.

She is still playful but most of the time she is asking questions about boys and telling me stories about her crush. Our baby is getting smarter and curious everyday and childhood seems to end too soon. There are times I do not want to give her milk and multivitamin supplements because I think she is growing up too fast. If only she could be a baby forever. I know eventually we have to let her go. But for now, we will just enjoy every minute of her childhood.

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Our Curious Girl

“Why do I have to change my surname when I get married?” That was our smart girl’s question one morning while we were having our breakfast. We do not know why such question suddenly popped up her mind. Seem like our girl is getting more curious about things everyday. When she was still a toddler she used to ask questions about the nature and her surroundings. But now that she is eight years old, she is more curious about life and some social issues. Why do children now are so smart? Sometimes they give us brainstorming questions. They will not stop asking questions until they are satisfied with our answers.

Now that our daughter learned to analyze things and can understand cause and effect, hubby and I decided to talk to her more often and to guide her. If not, she might end up like Alice whose curiosity led her down the rabbit hole all the way to the adventure-filled Wonderland.

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Our First Communicant

It was RJs first communion yesterday. That is how fast time flies. Seems like it was just yesterday when she was baptized. I still remember, she was crying hard because she hates the itchy laces in her dress.

Yesterday, it was me who was crying. The ceremony was so solemn and moving and made me cry a zillion times.

Our first communicant.

Now RJ can speak for herself. She can tell God that she believes in Him and how much she loves him.

My entry for Tokaya Rose’s Nostalgia…


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