When Marriage Goes Awry

There were times when it seems like everyone was filing a divorce. I asked myself, “What the hell is happening to this world?” Well, not that I am anti-divorce but the process is just so painstaking I would rather ask someone to mediate between me and my spouse (hypothetically) to lessen the burden and to avoid slashing and burning each other. If you think this idea is better than instantly jumping to file a divorce, go find time to search the web for divorce mediation services.

It is very important to have someone to deal with the stressors of divorce. Thank goodness I learned about Gillespie, Shields & Durrant. The law firm has a profile on Lawyers.com and that made me decide to choose them if certain situations called for it. I personally recommend them to my friends and relatives who have relationships that went awry.

I learned that an arbitrator helps couples trying to file divorce to save time by bringing about a resolution the legal way. And because it cuts the waiting and processing time, it also cuts the costs of the whole divorce case. Most of you may become skeptical but arbitrators and mediators abide by law and have lots of experience in applicable law. And what I found the best about arbitration is that it tries not to create feud between the parties involved so no one would be holding grudges in the end. Also, decisions and solutions that arbitrations and mediations offer are beneficial not only for one but both parties involved.

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Our Love Life Resolution

Believe it or not, Rhonnel and I only had one petty quarrel in our 11 years together. We do not fight it is because we always compromise and we do not blame each other for any mistakes committed. Maturity is a big factor in marriage and it is good that we were both at the right age when we got married. Boring? Of course not! We still manage to keep the candles burning; surprises, kissing, hugging, saying “I love you’s”, but still, there is room for a love resolution.

Rhonnel was always bragging me about going out, just the two of us, but no one will look after RJ so it is always remained as a plan. Last December when my Mom stayed in our house for several days, we took advantage of that. We went out and had a couple bottles of beer each at Seafood Island in Cubao. There was an acoustic playing the 80s and 90s music. We can both relate to the music and enjoyed it while we were talking and reminiscing. We had our coffee at Starbucks after. It was already 2am when we decided to stay somewhere where no one can disturb us…wink!

We enjoy going out with RJ but for the couple to be alone for a while is different. We had the chance to be nostalgic and looked back on our foolishness and escapades while hugging each other.  That was a lovely night. And so, that will be our love life resolution…to go out once in a while, just the two of us.

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