My Love for Art Works

I am a big fan of art works especially paintings. In fact, sketching is one of my hobbies. I draw whenever I have spare time or if I am depressed. It is one way of expressing my emotions. I love to draw landscapes and nature. I maybe a good artist now like Liudmila Kondakova if only my father allowed me to take fine arts in college. I love to go to museums and art galleries. Viewing artworks gives me happiness because I can see the creative skills of the artists. It stimulates my thoughts and emotions. If you are an art lover like me and an art collector, you can visit Paragon Fine Arts. This is a gallery in Los Angeles specializes in contemporary, traditional and commercial art by known artists. You can see there Liudmila Kondakova’s paintings. You can see that they are meticulously done. Her paintings are so rich with clarity and light and they were full of life. If you are not an art lover but have friends who are, tell them about Paragon Fine Arts. They have paintings of the best artists. I am sure they will love this gallery and will thank you for telling them about this place.

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