Full Breasts

If I am to ask, legs are the sexiest part of me. But for hubby, it’s my boobies. I don’t have very big breasts but hubby said they are firm just like those of a sixteen year old. Of course he was exaggerating but he meant it when he said it’s the sexiest part of my body. I even once caught a neighbor of ours, staring at my boobies when I was sweeping in front of our house. Why almost all men are attracted to breast? I often see men staring on breasts most especially if they are big and bouncing. Grrrr!!! And why do breasts mean the world to most women, enough to be obsessed with push-up bras and use foam pads? Those who are brave are willing to go under the knife and have implants just to possess big breasts. In America alone, three hundred thousand women had their breasts enhanced in 2005. I wonder what the current statistics is. Five times maybe.
During ancient times men are attracted to full breasts because they believe that women with higher breast to under breast ratios typically have higher levels of sex hormone which promotes fertility and it is very important for men that time to have many children. Maybe these attractions of men to full breasts were passed on to present generations. On the other hand, women feel sexier if they have bigger breasts and it adds to their confidence.

A stolen shot taken by my daughter 3 years ago while I was taking a nap.
Medyo makapal po talaga mukha ko, lol!

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