Catholic Chat

On line chat also formally known as synchronous conferencing is a kind of communication over the internet. It is widely used around the globe now because of its accessibility and it is a lot cheaper compared to long distance or overseas calls. You can talk to your love ones and friends and if you have web cam, you can see them in real time. There are basic rules of on-line communication or what they call chatiquette. This was formed to avoid misunderstanding among users. This varies from culture to culture or community to community. But if you are chatting to the person who shared the same interests as yours, I think there will be no problem. For example if you are a Catholic, you can visit Live Catholic Chat where lots of Catholic people who are located all over the world, come together inside their chats and have lots of fun. This is a 100% free chat room. If you have webcam, you can show tons of people yourself on cam, while you can also check out their video cams. This is number one for Catholic chatting.

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  1. maxivelasco says:

    that is a great chat site for catholic people..

    anyway, rossel, where ka in the philippines? just wondering kasi uwi kami sa july 2 jan eh. baka, if ever di masyadong hectic and sched ko eh we can meet. kung oks lang sa iyo.

    by the way, i have a new blog: baka pwedeng exchange links din tayo. will surely appreciate it.

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