Certified Pinklicious Diva

This is my very first time to join Pink Fridays of Mommy Rubz. I am glad that she revived this meme as I have many pictures of pink things to share. Pink is RJ’s favorite color that is why. She likes everything in pink. When I asked her why, she said because she is a girl. Pink is for the girls and blue is for the boys. Really? Says who?

RJ in her favorite pink Tee.

According to studies, women may be biologically programmed to prefer the color pink or redder shades of blue more than men. I do not understand because I do not like pink much. I prefer green or red instead. Unless I am not a girl and have this mistaken identity. lol! But RJ, she is a certified Pinklicious Diva.

She’s glad that Princess Aurora is wearing pink too.

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  1. hi nice post, beautiful daughter also

    following you thru pink friday. shalom

  2. Yes, pink is the overwhelming favorite of females whether young or old. My youngest daughter adores anything in pink. Boys have different favorite colors other than blue. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. ang cute ni Rj with her pink Tee..she’s so dalagita na mommy Rossel 🙂


  4. ang cute cute cute! followed your blog here.

    My entry is here: http://www.beautyfashions.info/2011/02/pink-friday-roses.html

  5. Hay naku Rossel, dati my ykaie loves orange ngayon nahawa na sa mga cousins nya and prefers pink na rin!

  6. she’s so cute! Certified Pinklicious Diva indeed!

  7. I love pink too Ross. I have a pink hat, sweater, underwear, purse, earrings and more…Take care..

  8. Made By Gen says:
  9. Hi!
    You’re little girl is very pretty in pink.
    btw, pls visit my blog

  10. Melandria Romero says:

    wow really nice. My peachy loves pink too.

  11. i love rj’s shirt….so cute :-)….love winnie’s pink color, too!

  12. Simply Pink Fabulous!! Actually, PINK is not my favorite but BLUE but right now, I kinda loving pink since I got my first blog at http://www.pinaymommyonline.com That blog was pink since time immemorial!!

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