Check Your Car Air Conditioning Unit

We spent our summer vacation last year in Batangas. It was a family vacation. The vacation itself was great but our travel back home was a nightmare. We were riding on my sister’s van and we were on the highway back to Manila, approximately 2 hours drive, when the van’s air conditioning unit malfunctioned. Imagine 14 persons piling inside the van for 2 hours without a functioning air conditioning unit under a 100 degree scorching heat of the sun and was trapped on a bumper to bumper traffic. Whew! I bet you wouldn’t want to experience that.

We had no choice but to stop on a nearest gasoline station and had it repaired. The mechanic assessed that not only the air conditioning compressor was broken. The diesel fuel pump was not in good working condition as well.

That was one hell experience and we wouldn’t want to go through that again. From then on my sister had her vehicle’s regular maintenance. Discount compressor ensures that her van has reliable air conditioning compressor. It also offers the lowest price on A/C compressor, drier, condenser and the diesel fuel pump. Do not wait for you to have the same experience we had. Have your car parts checked regularly.

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