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Companies undergoing a merger and acquisition can benefit from the expertise of an advisory firm, especially if the merged or acquired entity is in a different industry altogether. If your organization is undergoing a merger or acquisition involving a company in the chemical industry, then the Valence Group is one such firm that can help make the transition as smooth and effective as possible.

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If your company is undergoing a chemical merger and acquisition then you would benefit from the Valence Group’s services. The Valence Group is unique because they have both extensive global M&A experience as well as an intricate knowledge of the chemical industry. Their transaction experience includes sell-side, buy-side, joint venture, LBOs, public offers, management buyouts, private companies, corporate carve-outs, and fairness of opinions. They have offices in New York, Shanghai, and London, making them a company with a truly global focus.

One unique and helpful feature of the Valence Group website is the Valence Global Chemical Index (VGCI). This is Valence Group’s indices of about 250 public chemical and materials companies which are “structured along 33 product and functional sectors or company classifications.” You can compare the performance of sub-sector indices, which include additives and adhesives and sealants, against the VGCI indices. It is good to know that a company never has to navigate a chemical M&A alone. For ten years Valence group has helped companies all over the world efficiently complete chemical mergers and acquisitions. Their services should prove valuable to any company undergoing such a transition.

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