Chic Poses for Mommy

RJ loves to pretend that she is a model. She loves to emote and pose. She sometimes took her own pictures. There are also times she is looking at herself in the mirror while pretending she is taking her steps on the catwalk. Last week, I bought this weaved hat on the beach. She put it on and made some chic poses. She’s gorgeous!

chic poses

Pretending to be someone else is normal part of kids’ growing up. By doing so, they can not just play but they can also explore their creativity and discover the things they really want to do or become in the future. Who knows, we might see RJ on the catwalk or magazines someday.


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By Rossel

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17 replies on “Chic Poses for Mommy”

This is just beautiful and who knows she could be the future model :)..have followed you hope you can visit my site and followed back thanks.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I see her doing catwalks at the ramp stage one of these days~shes a fashionista din kase^_^

Thanks for dropping by,Mommy Rossel!

btw,di mo pa ba natatanggap ang padala kong postcard for you?


she can be a model mommy.. she’s pretty.:)

Hope you can visit My Just Beautiful entry. Thanks!

I thought that I would see the picture of RJ walking on the cat walk and pretending to be a model. Too bad there’s no picture here. I wonder if it was omitted by your site or there was actually no picture at all. Your little girl is sure very smart and pretty. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

I think it will be good for her posture if she continue to walk like a model. And play pretend is one way of enhancing the kid’s creativity just as you said. Heck my two year old daughter is doing that, only she’s pretending to be a baby so parang baligtad, hahaha. And sometimes a soldier while wearing his uncle’s hat.

Chic in Black: Corset

Hmm…a ramp model slash scientist. Wow, that’s a contrast right there but why not?! It will be a first but it’s possible. It’ll be refreshing to see someone like RJ who is not only beautiful but who obviously has the brains to show for it.

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