Chocolates, Chocolates, Chocolates

This is one food that I can’t help myself from eating even the doctor advised me not to. The hell with my gerd and asthma. I love chocolates and the way it melts in my mouth. My favorite of them all is Cadbury. I can’t get enough of this. I want more, more and more.

Here are some interesting facts about chocolate that you would love to know. I researched this for chocolate lovers like me who felt “sinful” after taking a bite. Reading this can clear your conscience. lol!

The first chocolate, which was a drinking form, was made around 2000 years ago by ancient cultures of Mexico and Central America. The first solid chocolate bars were made in the 1800’s.

The Aztecs discovered the cacao or cocoa beans and named it ‘cacahuatl’ or β€˜xocolatl’. This means ‘bitter water. The scientific term for the Cocoa Tree is ‘Theobroma Cacao’. This is the Greek term for ‘Food for the Gods’.

Even though Chocolate is high in fat, it does not appear to raise blood cholesterol and cause acne. Acne is usually due to an improper diet or a hormone imbalance.

The amount of caffeine in a piece of chocolate candy is significantly lower than that in coffee, tea or cola drinks. Many confectionery items have no caffeine at all.

Chocolate contains a very healthy component called flavinoids that has health benefits. This is more true of dark chocolate than the milk confection. The dark kind has less sugar as well, so it is definitely the healthier option.

Because of flavinoids, chocolate can help reduce the negative effects of bad cholesterol. Recent studies even claim that it can lower blood pressure and reduce the growth of cancer cells.

It is possible for a person to be allergic to any food, including chocolate. But recent evidence suggests that allergy to chocolate may be relatively rare.

Even though chocolate is perfectly safe for people to eat, one of its ingredients which is theobromine, is toxic to pets, so be careful in giving your pets chocolate.

Today you can find chocolate everywhere. Thanks to its great inventors. It is hard to imagine life without chocolate. Like any other food, it’s the amount of chocolate you it that will determine if it will harm or benefit you.

See the pictures of our favorite chocolates at and drool.

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  1. wow..i love your fave chocolate..

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  2. like manang Rose, I am not fond of chocs…ehhehehe!

    never had this kind of choc before teRoss….:)

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    musta na po pala? hope all is well….sensya na te, ngayon lang ulit ako nakadalaw…busy kasi sa skul….now am free kasi malapit narin ang weekend!

  3. oh definitely yummy!

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  5. i so love chocolates, am craving now at kasalanan toh ni niko.. kelangan ko ng umalis at bumili ng chocolates talaga.

  6. very interesting info about chocolates, Sel; thanks for sharing, ha!

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  9. bawaal pala sa may gerd ang chocolate. ngek! katakaw ko pa naman, wahhhhhh!

    kasi naman ang doctor ko di ako binabawalan kumain ng tsokoleyt eh, lam mo na, kapag di binabawal, di humihinto, hehehe!

    Sarap ng cadbury ah, it melts in your mouth..

  10. wow thanks for the trivia, I really learned a lot anyway mine is up i hope u can visit thanks!

  11. i love that choc. too!

  12. Hmmmm.. bawal yan sa gerd natin hahahaha! visit me miss.

  13. wow sarap naman dito.. with great info pa about chocolate.. and i will be careful in giving chocolate to our puppy.. i learned something new today.. thanks for posting that info dear rossel πŸ™‚

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  14. I am not really into chocolates but i love Merci

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