Choosing the Right Amplifier

The person’s love for music makes him decide to purchase an amplifier either for his or her car’s audio system or for his or her own music room. These aren’t just simple speakers and one should note that it should not compromise the quality of the sound you want to amplify.

There are several things to consider when choosing the right amplifier. These would become your basis to acquire the amplifier that your truly need.

First and foremost make sure that your amplifier is properly matched with the speakers of your sound system. One can be done through the use of RMS Power Rating. This is to make sure that your speakers can handle the power the amplifier offers

Another thing to be considered would be the power of the amplifier. This is one of the first things being asked whenever someone wants to buy DOD Amplifiers. One should be knowledgeable enough of the Ohm’s load or impedance capability which means the resistance of the current flow presented by a speaker and being measured in ohms. Take note that the user of the amplifier will always load it with the maximum specified impedance (4 ohms). The higher impedance that will be loaded, the lesser the power the amplifier can have. It would be of great help if you know how are the speakers to be installed to have any idea how many ohms will be loaded. Usual presentation would be ‘4 ohm stable’ or “stable down to 2 ohms’, etc. This is going to be confusing so the sales person can help you out with it.

Last thing that should be noted would be the filters of the amplifiers. It can be low pass or high pass. The low pass filters will be routed to the subwoofers while the high pass to the midrange and tweeters.

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