Christmas Is In the Air

“Merry Little Christmas” was played on FM this morning. Then I saw a Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations on “Sis”, a morning show on GMA7. Yes, Christmas is in the air. I can smell the mistletoe, the pines, poinsettia, ham and queso de bola. We”ll be hearing Christmas songs everyday and there will be “tiangge” everywhere.

RJ’s eyes got big when she saw the Christmas tree on Sis. She asked me how many days before Christmas. I said 115 days then she started the countdown. She’s doing it every year since she was 3 years old. She asked me where we will spend our Christmas and New year. She’s really excited. I think our daughter has plans of her own. lol! She is wondering what Santa would give her this time. She’s seven already so time to tell her that Santa is not true. I don’t know what would be her reaction. I hope she takes it positively and that it won’t lessen her excitement.

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  1. just visiting you here..

  2. Thanks for the following hihi

    uu nga pasko na! pero mejo rainy pa at humid unlike the past years na pagdating ng ber months malamig na ang simoy ng hangin.. now I am feeling nostalgic abut simoy ng hagin and bibingka at simbang gabi

    Make or Break

  3. wishing for a merry Christmas for everyone

  4. Kapitbahay namin, ang lakas ng kanta ni Joe MariChan habang nagmumurahan haha…Ang aga naman – hanggang ngayon, ganun pa rin ang reklamo ko hehe…

  5. Christmas already? Wow, I can't even begin to think about it for at least 2 more months – lol.

  6. HI Rose,

    this post reminds me that we are in "ber" month now and few days from now Christmas na ..hehehe..

    Advance Merry Christmas, Rose and family.

    by the way, thanks sa visit at comment. medyo di ako naka blog hop ng matagal kasi bising bisi ako ngayon but I will try to drop by here once in a while..

  7. maxivelasco says:

    hello rossell. thanks for visiting my blog.hehe. natuwa naman ako.

    funny but when i talked to my Swedish family about how early people decorate houses and building/offices for christmas, they were so surprised. here in sweden kasi, second week of december na nagdedecorate. hehe.

    ingat ikaw lagi rossel… mwah

  8. Hope RJ takes it well when you tell her about Santa. My son is 11 but I never got around to telling him about Santa yet; he still thinks he got those Christmas presents from Santa, lol. And I bet, he'll be writing his letters to Santa soon, oh my. 🙂

    I'm great, Rossel, thank God! 🙂

    Have a lovely day. And thanks always for the blog visit. 🙂

  9. merry christmas po… 😉

  10. Hello Ross. Yes, few days from now it's christmas. Although I haven't heard any christmas songs here in the US but I still feel it. I used to think that Sept means christmas is in the air. Iba talaga ang chrismas natin dyan. Ibang-iba. I love the way wwe celebrated it. It's full of meaning and essence. Hindi tulad dito na para bang it is just an ordinary day kahit na nag-exchange gifts. Kung is for exchanging gifts. Kumusta na dyan Ross. Hope ok lang kayo. Ingat lage.

  11. merry Christmas! haven't heard any songs yet but i'll sure play some. i still have that Christmas songs I've downloaded from last year.

  12. oo nga noh, sept. 1st mark a sign that xmas spirit is in the air already..

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