Christmas – Love, Sharing, Reconciliations and Forgiveness

It is the first day of September in the Philippines. It marks the beginning of Christmas here. It is a fact that Filipinos has the longest Christmas celebration. You can see Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations everywhere especially in the malls and other public places as early as September. But unlike the previous years, I can not feel that Christmas is in the air yet. After what happened last August 23, Filipinos are still mourning. It is another reason to have a simple celebration this year or none at all, just like what had happened last year after the typhoon Ondoy.

Christmas is not about gifts, feast and grand celebrations anyways. It is about love, sharing, reconciliations and forgiveness. I know it is not easy to forget that bloody incident especially for our Chinese brothers and sisters but I am hoping that they could find forgiveness in their hearts.

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