Class Reunion on 2013

It was July 2008 when we had our class reunion. It was nice to be with old classmates and friends again after almost 20 years. Though only 15% (more or less) attended the reunion, still we had so much fun. Most of my batchmates were out of the country and there are some who came up with excuses because they didn’t want to attend. Whatever reasons they have, we respected that though.

Now, the batch is planning again to have a reunion on December 2013…our batch 25th year (Silver Jubilee). Hooray! As early as today, the organizers are planning the details. Because most are still out of the country, what we need now I think are audio conference calls for those in abroad to possibly schedule their vacation on the said date. I am glad I am not one of the organizers for I know how hard it is to organize such event.

The program may be highlighted by civic works for our alma mater and hometown in the morning. It may be legal, medical, dental mission or anything relevant for our town or school. Fellowship or social gathering will follow in the evening. I am so excited. I just hope that more than 50% could attend this time. I know it would be a successful reunion that will be filled with worthwhile activities and fun.

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2 thoughts on “Class Reunion on 2013

  1. Good luck to your reunion guys,keep safe always. I hope that after your reunion you will share some photos of yours guys during your reunion 🙂 .

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