Clear Wireless Internet

Our internet connection is on and off for a month now. I am really affected because it’s my source of income. I was wrong when I said I have no choice but to stick with our internet provider now. There are several options in acquiring internet connections and the latest is Clear 4G, a wireless internet. Internet users demand better service from the web. With powerful WiMax technology, Clear Wireless Internet can provide it. It’s very easy to acquire for no drilling and wiring needed. Just plug in the USB key and it’s ready. Clear internet is available not only at home but also on the go, perfect for busy internet users. It is very affordable and it delivers the internet on your terms.

If your Web use demands lightning fast speed, visit their website now.

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  1. nasa davao na kaya eto? nasa Pinas na rin ba? This is better pag nasa Manila na ako while waiting for the smartbro adn PLDT connections I can already use this… so far pangit nga ang smart bro pero okay pa rin naman I can still make my calls susccessfully ^_^ Have a great day always!

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  3. that is good Ross, at least you found a solution to your problem!

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