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3 Commonly Asked Solar Panel Questions (With Answers)

Solar Panel Questions – Photo by Bill Mead on Unsplash

Solar energy accounts for just 2.3% of America’s electricity generation. Though we know how harmful fossil fuels are, they are still the most common way we generate electricity.

If you’re curious about reducing your carbon footprint, consider solar energy for your home. If you’re not sure what it is or what going solar entails, we can help. Keep reading to find our answers to your most frequently asked solar panel questions.

Q: What Happens During Inclement Weather?

A: It is a common misconception that your solar panels won’t be effective in inclement weather. Folks in rainy climates might believe that there’s no point in investing in green energy if it’s cloudy all the time.

The truth is that even when it’s cloudy out, your solar panels can still capture sunlight. Though they are most effective in direct sunlight, you can still generate power when light is reflected.

Rain is a godsend for solar panel owners. The natural moisture washes away dust or dirt from the panels to boost their efficiency.

Solar panels are designed to hold up well against hail. As long as your installation company faces them to the south, they should never break or crack from hail.

Q: Will Solar Energy Save Me Money?

A: In a word: yes.

Investing in green energy will save you money by reducing how much electricity you need to buy from the grid. Having a solar system is essentially owning a mini power station.

The drawback of solar panels is that it’s a long-term investment. The initial cost is quite high and that’s offputting to many homeowners.

Look at it as if you’re prepaying your electricity bill for the next several years all upfront. Your investment will pay for itself over time.

The exact amount of money you’ll save on your monthly payment will vary. The hours of direct sunlight your home receives and the angle and size of your roof play a role in your potential savings. A trustworthy company like Blue Raven Solar can provide a more detailed estimation of your savings.

solar panel questionsPhoto by Benjamin Jopen on Unsplash

Q: How Do Solar Panels Help the Environment?

A: Solar is a renewable energy source as it harnesses power from the sun. Any step we take towards reducing dependency on fossil fuels is good for the environment.

Solar systems can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Since GHG emissions are one of the main causes of climate change, solar energy is a worthy opponent in the fight against the climate crisis.

Solar power has also been found to reduce air pollutants. Widespread usage could reduce nitrous oxides and sulfur dioxide from the air. This could lead to fewer cases of respiratory illnesses and cardiovascular problems.

Your Solar Panel Questions Answered

We hope our blog was able to answer some (or all) of your burning solar panel questions. While the investment in solar energy is quite high, both you and all humankind can benefit from its implementation.

Keep reading our blogs for more tips on sustainable living.

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