Compact and Stylish Awning

I do not understand the weather. It seems like the global warming effects continue to become more evident. It is too hot one day then it is raining the next day. Either way, our terrace is affected. The sun bathes our terrace with heat and it gets wet when it rains. I was planning to buy new blinds for our windows but I have changed my mind. We need to prioritize the awnings to protect the whole terrace. With this kind of weather that is so unpredictable, we badly need it so I should start looking for one.

My problem now is the space. We have a very small space so what we need is an awning that cannot take too much space yet can provide maximum coverage. A customized retractable awning for an excellent sun and rain protection would be perfect. One that is compact yet stylish. And oh, before I forget, it should be budget friendly as well. Am I asking too much? I do not think so. I know I can find one with all my demands. All I need is to stop blogging first and surf the net for the awning instead. Wish me luck my friends.

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