Company Colors: How Shades Can Influence Business Appeal

The colors that you use in your business serve more than just a decorative purpose. Studies have shown that there are common responses to color. Certain shades are also associated to feelings and emotions. Red, for example, is believed to stimulate appetite. Because of this, many restaurant owners use this color in their logo, products, and premises. Business owners who have not yet given their company colors some thought should start paying attention to their palettes. A new splash of color might be what you need to boost your business appeal and get more customers interested.

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In picking your shades, there are several things that you need to take into consideration. It’s not as easy as randomly choosing from paint swatches and going around and across the color wheel. Think of the following:

Tapping into the subconscious – consider what reaction you want your customers to have when they see your brand. Then choose the color that is shown to elicit your desired reaction. You do not necessarily have to be stuck with one color. You can choose color combinations. Do your research and find out what colors are appropriate to your type of business or to your product line. The color pink, for example, is rarely used for products that are supposed to appeal to a male dominated market.

Visual continuity – you need to make sure that you are consistent in your use of color. Have a corporate identity policy that defines the exact shades of color to use in your logo, product labels, and other marketing materials. If you choose bright colors to enhance your business appeal, it might not be wise to splash the same colors on the walls of your offices, stores, or even your website. Work on creative elements that are standard across various applications and treatments. For instance, a blue and green checkered strip in your logo could be used as an accent below the header of your website and below the customer service counter in your office.

Aesthetic appeal – whatever colors you choose, they have to be used in a way that is pleasing to the eyes. No matter how much you believe in the psychology of color, a bad paint job will not give you the results that you expect. With the available technology today in 3D design, you can actually have a more accurate simulation of how you want your colors to be applied in your interior design. For logos, web design, branding, and packaging applications, you can always ask your artist or designer for sample renderings. You can also conduct surveys or focus group discussions to find out what colors and applications your target customers think will best boost your business appeal. These customers are, after all, who you want to attract in the first place.

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