Confidence is the Key

Black is not only slenderizing, it also flatters a woman’s figure. It radiates sophistication, beauty and elegance. It suits every occasion but according to fashion experts, it has a less-flattering side effect which is aging the face. Hmmm…I don’t think so. It still depends on the cut and design of the clothes and how you carry it.

Meet Tita Melba in her black sleeveless dress with white flower designs. She is already a pensioner but she does not look like one even if she’s wearing black. She looks like as if she’s only in her early fifties. It is because the dress cut is elegant plus the fact that she carries herself very well. Yes, confidence is the key. Keep your head up high and always feel beautiful and sexy whatever your dress color is.

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5 thoughts on “Confidence is the Key

  1. wow! she looks very chic! i love how those sandals matched those flowers too! thanks for visiting my entry, mommy! God bless!

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