Contour Abs for Hubby and Me

After two months of dieting, my husband and I were able to loss some weight. Not much but I can say that our determination is paying off at last. However, there are still bulges in our abdominal area. It is because we do not have time to do routine exercises that will firm our abdominal area like push ups and crunches. I am a blogger so I am sitting almost the whole day same with my husband who is working in the office. What we need now is something that can tone our abs without exerting much effort and time.I often see ads on magazines about the Contour Abs or abdominal belt. The ads say it is safe to use because it is using Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology, the same technology being used in medical field for years particularly in muscle physio/rehab situations. Contour Abs stimulates the nerves in the abdominal muscles and the muscles contract in the same way they do during crunches and push ups. It would be perfect for us because it is like exercising our abdominal area while doing our jobs. But I think I need to conduct some research first how safe it is, how well it works in regards to toning muscles and if it is FDA approved.


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