Coolest Mom on Earth

I am going around about what to give my Mom this Mother’s Day. I became a good mother because of her. She instilled good values that served as my guide and led me to be a great Mother that I am and will be to RJ. And for that, I want to give her a special gift this Mother’s Day to show my appreciation and recognition for all the things she has done for me and my siblings.

Mom is the best mother one can have. She’s a good listener and very open-minded. We can share with her problems about money, kids, partners and even the very personal ones. Would you believe she gave me two sexy underwears before I get married? It’s not the usual wedding gifts mothers give to their daughters but it is Mom’s unique way of saying, “Hey, you can count on me about anything and everything.” Whenever we do something wrong, she doesn’t get upset. Instead, she is trying to help us in the most responsible and fairest way as possible. She is the coolest Mom on Earth!

Yes, all mothers brought children to this world but not all accepted the responsibilities that came along with it. All mothers provide their children with love and care but not all are willing to give up their career, their pleasures and full time like what Mom did. All mothers play and listen to their children but not all are as cool as my Mom. If there’s one best thing I have learned from her, it is how to become the best mother…that is why she deserves something special. Any gift suggestion?

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By Rossel

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……I personally dont know of any mothers that hate their children only what I have read in a few books nor would I want too! ….You should read…and maybe you have The Boy Called IT … is truely an amazing yet disgusting heartwrenching true story of what this child endured for so many years at the hands of his mother and the CPS system that ignored him while he was lost in.

Anything you give to your mom will be great as long as you give it from your heart. It is not the value of the gift that counts but the thought and feelings behind it. Mothers are God’s greatest gift to mankind. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

kidding aside, our mothers really deserve the best, with me aside from giving her favorite batik dasters, i am still thinking of something more special which is not tangible 🙂

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