Crafty Company Name Ideas for Your Business

One of the most exhausting parts of starting a business is racking your brains out for crafty company name ideas that will have an obvious and direct link to your business. A company name is a legal carrier of your business and it will be the name that your clients will always remember about your business. So if you’re planning a bakeshop or a coffee shop, you might want to consider company name ideas that connote a warm, homey and cozy ambiance. Here are two tips to help you come up with crafty, unique and easy to love names for your business.

company name ideas

Gather ideas. Brainstorming with other people such as your friends, colleagues and relatives can help you get a list of some company names that you can use for your business. You can easily pile up a list of 1000 names then slowly cross out those that doesn’t hit up with what you have in mind. When weeding out names, choose something that people can easily pronounce. If you may, check with other languages to ensure that it doesn’t mean something else other than the business you have in mind. Your company name ideas will soon become your identity and brand so be sure to take a positive pick.

Do your research. While searching for company name ideas, look up books, magazines, dictionary and encyclopedias. Consider uniqueness of words and originality. Choose names that are not associated with the likes of McDonalds or Adobe. There are company names that are just acronyms while others used the company’s owner or founder such as Balenciaga and Jimmy Choo. Other company name ideas puts direct meaning to their products such as Taco Bell did.

A business name is an essential part of any company’s branding strategy. Before you launch your business, whether it is big or small, a thorough preparation and promotion is required for you to make an instant impact with your clientele. Gathering company name ideas and choosing the most appropriate and salable name plays an important part in your marketing and creating your image. Your criteria for business name selection should be more on memory recall, spelling and pronunciation. Stick with simple and clean names – go for those that invoke positivity and memorable to you.

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