Create Your Own Indoor Garden

 My brother gave us cherry tomatoes harvested from his own garden. He has big yard so he planted all his favorite vegetables. I envy him so much. I love planting too but we don’t have enough space at home. We are living in a row house and we don’t have front and backyard. So I looked for ways to create garden in our own house both for our organic food and my enjoyment.

By using garden planters it is now possible to create your own indoor garden at home or even in your apartment. You can cultivate and produce fresh cherry tomatoes, your favorite herbs and organic vegetables. You can also experience the joy of planting delightful flowers and other colorful plants. Plus you will have unlimited options of what planter to use because planters and pots come in a large variety or materials, styles and sizes. But remember that planters and pots made from cheap plastic materials may deteriorate in UV sunlight while terracotta pots dry out rapidly So it is wise to choose high end planters.

Even when you have big yards, I advise to use planters because it could add color and beauty to your garden. Window box planters would definitely add fragrance and style to your windows and balconies. You can also hide unwanted spots on your decks, patios or even inside your home by using decorative planters. Not to mention its great advantages of moving your plants from one place to another and lesser chance of pest damage.

Now, I can start my own organic vegetable garden I will surprise my brother with cherry tomatoes that will be harvested from my planters.

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I love this post sis, I will have a little house soon and I plann for a little garden but I think there is no place for that kasi townhouses siya. with your tips I can have my little garden in my little home to be.

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