Creating a Welcoming and Supportive Working Environment

A positive working environment is the key to a successful workplace and an effective team. You want your employees to enjoy coming to work and achieving the team’s goals. A supportive and welcoming environment does not need to be a difficult feat. Here are some tips to creating a workplace that your employees appreciate.

Positive dialogue

positive dialogue

Allow your employees the opportunity to come to you if issues arise. They should respect you as their superior, but not be discouraged in coming to you. Creating an open forum, or open door policy will allow you to address issues immediately when they arise. Your staff should also expect that you would come to them with issues to address as well. Open and positive communication that attempts to create understanding and resolution will make your employees feel safe and supported.

Positive feedback

Open communication should also include positive feedback. Praise your employees in front of their peers. Positive communication among the team can instill a sense of achievement to your employees. It can also encourage others to strive for higher praise as well. Be supportive in public and give constructive criticism in private. If an employee must be reprimanded, or given constructive criticism, do this behind closed doors. In attempting to resolve an issue, provide a resolution and positive reinforcement.

Create a safe environment

Ensuring that your employees feel safe and well looked after includes having a hygienic and secure workplace that adheres to national standards. Overflowing bins, poor desk structuring and rubbish on the floor are just some of the things that could lead to a negative and unhealthy workplace. To know what your responsibilities are, consider contacting a legal specialist such as

Energetic atmosphere

Create a positive, fun, diverse atmosphere for your staff. Allow them opportunities to break up the workday; some work tasks can be boring and uninteresting. These tasks are achieved still because the rest far outweighs the not-so-good. A strict workplace may be for safety reasons, but maintaining an energetic workforce and atmosphere among staff can be the difference in work output and efficiency. If employees enjoy what they do and where they do it, the outcome for your organisation will be greater.

Welcome diversity

A supportive and welcoming environment is one where all people from any background can feel safe and understood. A diverse workforce is a great benefit for any organisation and can assist you in growing with your team. When people feel secure in their environment, they will work harder and enjoy what they do more freely.



Create opportunities for your employees to connect. Give new employees the chance to get to know the workplace, the people, and what is expected. Cultures are learned, but having someone who has been around for a little while will instill a more positive outlook on a new employee. Invest in making every employee feel welcome. More veteran employees need support and opportunities for growth just as much as new employees.

A positive environment for your staff can be as simple as a smile, or a warm greeting each day. People respond to positivity. When the workplace is positive, subconsciously, employees will approach their work in the same way.

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