Cultivating a Culture of Positivity in the Workplace

Spurring employees to action and getting them to deliver the kind of output you desire does not always require an iron hand. You don’t have to intimidate your employees at all. In fact, productivity studies consistently show that companies with employees who are happy are more likely to be more profitable. Happy employees are observed to be more productive and more creative. Their positive frame of mind translates into more pleasant work environments, more fruitful collaborations, and more ingenious innovations in processes and products. Positivity in the workplace is something that all business owners should look into.

positivity in the office
Employees who are happy are more
likely to be more profitable.

Instilling positivity in the workplace is a top down initiative. This means that the owners and managers will have to cascade it down to the employees. The willingness to provide the employees what they need to be happy and comfortable in their work environment is a start. Using positive reinforcement is another step towards a workforce that is happily productive. This does not necessarily have to be done abruptly. Suddenly calling lunchtime meetings to wax praises about particular employees might seem too contrived and insincere. Try recognizing an employee in a weekly or monthly bulletin and feature his “good deeds” for the company. Highlight new ideas and suggestions that resulted in improvements or in increased sales levels. You can also get more personal by simply sending out emails to give your employees their much needed pat on the back.

Another way to cultivate a culture of positivity in the workplace is to hold activities along the same lines. Give your employees an endorphin rush with regular fitness sessions in your office gym after office hours. Hire a happiness coach and hold laughter classes for all employees. These activities make your employees happier, more alert, and more energetic. Your company, on the other hand, will benefit from the more positive outlook and the increased drive to work harder. And since your employees are bound to be healthier with these activities too, you will have considerably less sick days. That means quality time for quality work. The bottom line, of course, is better financial performance – when this happens, don’t forget to give your employees a share of your revenues too.

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