Customer Service Mistakes You Should Not Commit

Companies today should make sure that their customers can reach them anytime they want to and from anywhere they are. Information technology is so advanced now to make this possible from various touch points. Investing in customer portal technology is a must. The kind of investment that you have to make depends on the extent of your requirements and the budget you have. At the very least, you need to have a customer care facility to address the needs of your customers during office hours. Most customers today, however, expect online businesses to be available to address their needs 24/7. In your desire to provide the best customer service experience to your customers, you might unknowingly be committing mistakes that could turn your customers away.

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Be aware of the following customer service mistakes and avoid committing them:

1. Being too techie. You might want to wow your customers by offering high-tech functionalities in your customer portal. But, if they do not work as they should, you would only succeed in annoying your customers. You need your customer service portal to work the way it should no matter what gadget your customers are using. If it’s an online portal, you want to test for compatibility and performance using various operating systems and browsers. The experience should be seamless and hassle-free.

2. Having too many steps. You don’t want to ask for too much information from your customers. Having pages and pages of information boxes to fill out is definitely a turn-off. You want it to be convenient for your customers to get the help that they need from your customer portal. Ask only for the basic information that you need to tag your customer or access the customer file. This normally includes their name and email address, the product name and serial number (if applicable), and the concern they need help with.

3. Ignoring customer complaints/concerns. There is nothing more disappointing to customers than to have their concern drag on without any response from the company. Customers who contact the customer service center need answers. Even if you cannot resolve their concerns right away, a simple acknowledgement with a commitment that you are already looking into the matter is usually enough to appease them. Don’t forget to update them from time to time until the case is resolved. This will show them that you are not just sitting on their case.

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