De-Clutter for a Much Bigger Space

girl holding a box

I took three days off from blogging last week to focus on my general cleaning. Both my husband and daughter were complaining that the house is too crowded yet. We live in this house that we thought is big enough for us the first time we bought it. But for 11 years of living here, furniture, appliances and other stuffs are being added every year, occupying every space there is. To de-clutter is the best solution for us to have enough space to walk on and so I did. So after three days of de-cluttering with the help of my mother, voila! The house looks bigger again, very clean and with good ventilation.

My husband and daughter loved it but I got a new problem now, where to store all the stuffs I put in the boxes. If only there is a near self-storage in our place, I will not need to worry because they can keep the boxes safely for me. My husband suggested a garage sale but I cannot let go of these things because of their sentimental values. Mostly are gifts on our wedding and objects that can be used on special occasions. Maybe I need another hanging cabinet installed in the laundry area as storage. 
If your space is at premium like ours, take a good look around your house and get ready to de-clutter for a much bigger space.
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