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Dealing with Annoying Situations at Work

Working in an office would mean that you have to interact with other people from your department as well as from other divisions and sections. You may also share the same room with a couple of other people under your branch and seriously, office tensions start with some annoying habits or situations at work. That rambunctious laughter from the next cubicle or your colleagues’ messy work station can easily ruin your concentration, but that’s normal and if you don’t want to encourage violent urges, you might as well heed these tips to deal with workmates with annoying habits effectively.


The Messy Desk Dilemma

Passing around a work station of a complete slob can ruin your concentration at work. So if you can’t ignore the clutter, avoid the urge to tidy up their desk on your own especially without their permission. Simple approach them and share some desk organizers which you have “accidentally” bought a few too many. Hopefully he or she will understand what you mean and make use of the extra desk trays or organizers.

The Call Center

Do you have a colleague that is fond of making long and loud personal phone calls while working at her cubicle? Ask him or her politely to tone down her voice. Though you are irritated at them for having such inconsiderate habits, you don’t have to make a scene and stir up some drama. If this habit continues despite your effort, report it to your superior to address the issue properly.

Miss “Something Borrowed”

Another irritating desk habit that you wish your officemate wouldn’t have is being a “secret borrower.” It’s okay for you to lend out a stapler or a ball pen if they need it and they don’t have one handy. But it’s something else if she borrows your things without asking or telling your first and completely forgetting it return it. You’d find yourself totally annoyed when you can’t find a particular of object which you really need at the moment. You’re not selfish with your stuff, but if you experience missing something a lot of times, tell your officemates that you’d appreciate it if they would ask to borrow first or at least return them after they have used it. Be as nice as you can and resist the urge to scold your officemate. You may also label your things to ensure that they are returned to your workstation after they were borrowed.

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