Deep Blue Sky

Whenever we are outdoors, I love to catch everything I can on my camera. I always admire the beauty of nature…insects at work, birds soaring high, colorful flowers, open fields, big open skies, etc. This is my latest catch…deep blue sky with soft cotton-like clouds.

deep blue sky

Stunning and beautiful, is it not?

The nature is just amazing. I hope everyone will do their share to save them.


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  1. ang ganda naman ng sky! parang cotton balls yung clouds 🙂
    thanks for sharing this beautiful pic, sis. 🙂

  2. dorry lyn says:

    really stunning sis.. will share also a cloud formation here in my photo blog –

    dropping for JB
    mine is up

  3. Yes, the photo of the sky in this post is simply stunning. They look like a bunch of cotton balls. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. that is such a beautiful sight! i agree we must have our cameras with us all the time! here is mine

  5. Very nice!:)

  6. i love blue skies..feel very clma and solemn…

  7. I love the capture of the blue sky,Mommy Rossel pati na rin ang cloud formation!Unpredicted ang weather dito ngayon~minsan mainit,minsan malamig.

    Thanks for dropping by,Mommy Rossel!

  8. wow sel, as in danda talaga 🙂 my jb is up too..see yah hopefully!

  9. Beautiful sky. 🙂 I remember my mom saying na pag ganyan ang clouds, madaming isda sa dagat. That was back when I was young.

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