Designer Packing Tapes: No Longer Boring

It used to be that packing tape simply looked boring. With a brownish, dull finish, they were generally used when a move was up and coming. Attached to brown cardboard boxes, equally boring in appearance, both boxes and the tape on the box were the first things to be thrown out once the move was made. Times have really changed.

decorative packing tape

Today, what better way to brand one’s product than to have a brightly colored tape securing a company’s packages or container boxes. In this age of branding and re-branding, the custom packing tape has evolved into something well worth investing in if one’s company is to stay up front in the eyes of the public.

The stylish designs are varied and even chic in many cases, as packing tapes are now used as a form of less costly advertising for countless of companies locally, nationally and internationally as well.

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Not Just Paper Any More

The choices of materials used are wide: polypropylene, PVC and conventional gummed tape.

Polypropylene, with its glossy finish, today leads in sustainability as major companies have discovered its many recyclable advantages. Generally, it’s used for packing items that are under 30 pounds in weight.

PVC packing tape, with a less glossy finish than polypropylene, is recommended for packing items over 30 pounds in weight. Having a flatter finish when compared with polypropylene, it’s known for its quiet, smooth roll release and comes with strong adhesive backing.

Traditional gummed tape comes in a standard 1-inch core which is 100 percent recyclable. Industry standard strengths come in economy grade, medium grade, heavy-duty grade and extra heavy-duty grade. While there are new specialty product lines to choose from, the use of traditional masking tapes has not lessened any in the packing tape business. Made either with a translucent finish or with a smooth surface, it continues being the packing tape of choice of the average person.

A Work Of Art

Today, a wide selection of customized colors is available for customer viewing at many of the finer packing tape suppliers such as Continental Packaging. Artistically trained in-house logo design specialists take a back seat to no one as a customer’s brand becomes the prime focus.

Making a business customer’s visit a convenient, productive one-stop online experience is a goal of many of these fine package tape suppliers. Their customer service is set up to not only provide answers to a customer’s problem, but to also give the customer options to choose from.

Having achieved this, the online packing tape supplier has succeeded in creating a partnership with future customers and their businesses.

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