Develop Your Children’s Language Skills

I do not know how many books we have here in the house but tell you, we have tons of it, from children’s books to World War II history books.  Hubby and I love to read and I am glad that we have influenced our daughter. RJ loves books and reads a lot. She started to read and spell simple words at the age of three and now that she is eight years old, she is already a very good reader. She can even write stories and poems.

Reading is a very important skill so as parents, we should encourage our children to read. Why not shut off your television and computer for at least 30 minutes and have a family reading to help your children develop their language skills?

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  1. cheers to reading!! I am a language teacher and that’s what I always recommend to my students. unfortunately, reading habit is almost non-existent to the youth today, so, it’s for the parents to encourage children to read..

  2. hello Rossel
    Please send me an email asap.. I have misplaced yours, sorry!

  3. yes, reading is very important!!! 😀 family bonding too 🙂

  4. Your daughter is very intelligent indeed and has so much reading and intellectual talents. Kids nowadays are hooked on computer games and electronic gadgets. Great that your daughter is not hooked on them too. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. As for me, I am guilty of this. That is why I promised my 2011 would be different!!

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