Discipline – Key to a Successful Weight Loss

With all those ads about work-out DVDs, new slimming equipment, books about weight loss, and diet pill that works, it’s no surprise that people are willing to spend small fortunes on products and procedures that will keep them slim and fit. Who would not want to look good anyway?

But before you take your first step to weight loss, you must keep in mind exercise alone, without the proper diet, will not ensure weight loss and vice versa. That is based on my personal experience. I have tried different methods on how to lose weight; aerobics, Tae Bo, badminton, diet pills and slimming tea. Sadly, none of them worked. Now I want to try diet plans.


One of those days when I was trying to lose weight.

I know the 3 week diet will work for me if coupled with discipline. Discipline is a part of successful weight loss and part of being disciplined is creating a habit…habit of eating healthy and having regular exercise.

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  1. I wish i can lose weight too….but yah i accept that i don’t have self control and discipline at all…besides i love food…nice sharing!

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